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Meet Lacy Martin, Founder of 911 Memorial Tribute Climb Inc.

Hello, I'm Lacy Martin, a proud native of Volusia County, who settled down in Flagler County for the past 10 years, with a heart deeply rooted in community service and public advocacy.
My professional journey led me to Flagler County government in 2016, where I discovered a profound love for public awareness, communication, and an admiration for the incredible dedication of our local first responders. The turning point occurred in 2021, the 20th anniversary of the most tragic day in American history during my lifetime.
My connection with Flagler County Fire Rescue Flight Medic/Paramedic Andy Thomas illuminated the powerful tribute of climbing stairs 110 times to honor the 343 lives lost on 9/11. Overwhelmed with emotion, I joined forces with Andy to transform this solemn act into a community-wide event in partnership with the Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa Director of Security, Adam Dennison. In the inaugural year, 12 firefighters participated, and the event has since grown exponentially, drawing in 25 participants in year two and a remarkable 110 in year three.
In 2023, I left local government and entered the private sector but knew I had to keep the 911 Memorial Tribute Climb going. I take great pride in its existence and ensured the event still happened despite my discontinued direct connection with County government.
I dedicated myself to elevate this tribute to the attention it deserves. In 2023, the event gained both local and national acclaim, not for being hosted at the most beautiful resort in town, but for embodying the ultimate patriotism. Families and children waved flags, supporting our local heroes, while first responders, residents, and individuals from far and wide climbed 110 flights to pay homage to the lives lost on 9/11.
In 2024, I am excited to expand the event further, seeking sponsors to enhance awareness and support. The 911 Memorial Tribute Climb is now a proud 501c3 collecting funds to have sponsors and donate to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation. My goal is not only to commemorate the sacrifices of 9/11 but also to advocate and educate our students on the importance of patriotism and the lasting impact of that fateful day in 2001.
My efforts have earned several recognitions, including being named a 2022 recipient of 40 Under 40, 2023 Women in Business, and being recognized 40 under 40 Honoree. These accolades reflect my deep commitment to community service and the success of the 911 Memorial Tribute Climb Inc., an initiative I am immensely proud of.
I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Hammock Beach Golf Resort and Spa for their selfless support. Together, we continue to build a legacy that ensures the memory of 9/11 remains vivid and impactful for generations to come.

I am honored you are here and excited to have brighter future with your involvement. Let’s do this!

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